Create & Setup MAXCDN in WordPress using W3 Total Cache

Step by step process to create and setup MAXCDN in WordPress using W3 Total Cache Plugin.

  1. Create account in MAXCDN
  2. Go to Zone. Click on Pull zone
  3. In Enter pull zone details in the name section input your website name(e.g. wordpress), domain name in the origin server URL( and in Label your website name(e.g. wordpress).
  4. Wait for MAXCDN to create pull zone for you, it may take approx 2-3 minutes. Once the zone is created click close button.
  5. Go to setting and in Edge setting enable Strip all cookies.
  6. Go to SEO tab and under SEO setting enable Canonical Header.
  7. Now go to Account->API-> create application
  8. In create application under the name and description type your website name(e.g. wordpress), leave everything else as it is and click update.

Part 2

  1. Go to WordPress-> install and activate W3 Total Cache
  2. Disable Database Cache.
  3. Under general setting-> CDN-> enable CDN
  4. CDN type-> choose MAXCDN
  5. Now click on CDN Tab on the left.
  6. Choose CDN W3 Total Cache
    Choose CDN W3 Total Cache
  7. Under general setting use these setting.cdn-setting
  8. Come to configuration tab and under authorization key you need to fill up these 3 details. alias+key+secret.
  9. Go to MAXCDN -> click account-> API
  10. under API combine Company Alias+consumer key+consume secret in the same order(including plus sign) and paste in Authorization key.
  11. In MAXCDN click Zones-> pull zone-> under manage choose setting
  12. Go to summary-> copy CDN url and paste in Replace site’s hostname with:
  13. Go to MAXCDN click Zones-> pull zone-> manage cache->click Purge all
  14. Done

SSL not working in MAXCDN? Follow these steps

  1. Make sure you have SSL installed on your website hosting.
  2. Go to MAXCDN under the pull zone created click EdgeSSL and enable shared SSL.
  3. Copy the SSL url and replace it with the old CDN url.
  4. Purge or Clear cache from your WordPress.
  5. Done

How to Setup MAXCDN without W3 Total Cache Plugin in WordPress

Here are the resources which will help to integrate MAXCDN without W3 Total Cache Plugin

Even After enabling  CDN GTMetrix showing use a content delivery network (CDN) There are X static components that are not on CDN.

gtmetrix noticing that there are some 10 files on your site that aren’t being served over CDN.

Reason: Most of the files not hosted by CDN might be originating from Plugin and MAXCDN CDN support staff said and I quote

That’s basically because no plugin can rewrite absolutely all files.

Setup MAXCDN Using WP CDN Rewrite Plugin.


Changing the Origin URL and Label Field for Pull Zones


When some static files does not use MAXCDN 

A pull zone will be used for caching your static files
We will not pull your data automatically when you implement CDN.
By your visitors browsing trough your pages they will also request files from CDN which will initiate caching process, for a file to be cached on a particular edge location, it has to be requested two times via that same server.

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